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Imagine getting up and feeling homeless within your own home…looking around and nothing at all feels as though it used to…
Going from only a house to a home again is important after being physically and psychologically uprooted. Children may also be overlooked unintentionally by the parents during the divorce process. Lovers become so confused using their own troubles that it’s easy to neglect that the youngsters can feel displaced and, to some extent, “homeless” as well.
Jodi prides herself on identifying the foundation of the problems and finding practical alternatives.
Her own trip began in the past when the discomfort of her own divorce left her showing. Amid her emotional stress, she acknowledged that the nourishing aftereffect of color and design brought her back again to life. Because she’s strolled in her clients’ shoes and already understands the way, she actually is in a position to connect visitors to their space in a manner that transforms and helps them achieve joy and serenity in their new space.